Video: More durable. More sustainable.

Just like every other business sector, the currency industry needs to offer sustainable solutions to reduce its environmental footprint. 

While we at G+D and Papierfabrik Louisenthal take responsibility and investigate better solutions in many different fields – the banknote itself can also contribute to a more sustainable cash cycle. 

This is why we launched the Green Banknote Initiative

One specific area we set out to improve is the durability of banknote materials. The proposition was simple: The longer a banknote lasts, the more sustainable it becomes. But the challenge is to improve durability and thus reducing the need for reprints, while simultaneously maintaining maximum banknote security. 

In this episode of Currency Insights, Christoph Mengel elaborates on the requirements for long-lasting banknote substrates, and also introduces two innovative solutions from G+D and Papierfabrik Louisenthal. 


By considerably improving durability and maintaining the natural benefits of cotton-based banknotes,  Hybrid ADDvance® and LongLife™ provide maximum security, more efficiency, and as such, more sustainability.

A few key facts:

  1. HybridADDvance® offers the advantages of cotton-based banknotes while achieving lifetimes comparable to pure polymer substrates.

  2. LongLife™ significantly boosts robustness and soil repellency of cotton-based banknotes.

  3. Both substrates offer excellent ink adhesion and allow highest-level security features to be embedded directly into the cotton fiber threads.

  4. Both substrates are based on natural fibers - the Green Banknote has 50% wood pulp fiber.

  5. Both substrates were tested under harshest conditions – in the real world and in advanced simulation setups.

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