Shaping the future of currencies

Expand your possibilities with G+D solutions for the entire cash cycle. The payments landscape today is diversifying from cash and cards to digital payments. Trusted currency today is cash – and with CBDC, new possibilities are opening up. As a technology leader in the industry, we embrace change – finding new ways to progress in currency creation and management, and expanding the possibilities for all players in the cash cycle.

Podcast: Building a thriving CBDC ecosystem

Discover the key to a robust CBDC ecosystem with Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, CEO, G+D Currency Technology!

Can software ensure the fluid management of end-to-end logistics? Compass Transport can.

Get cash to the right place at the right time with Compass Transport and streamline logistics of Cash-in-Transit.

G+D NotaTrays strengthen Hungary's cash cycle

Hungary’s National Bank (MNB) incorporated G+D’s NotaTray® boxes to optimize the efficiency, security and sustainability within its national cash cycle. Watch the case study video!


Banknote Security Technology

Security through cutting-edge technology

Bespoke banknote design that combines aesthetics with durability, functionality, and security.


High-quality Production

Single source banknote production services

With almost 170 years of experience in banknote production in over 100 countries, G+D produces secure, resilient banknotes using high-quality substrates.


Scalable Cash Cycle Solutions

Future-proof your cash center

Our scalable solutions allow every player in the cash cycle to enhance security and efficiency with a range of automation and integrated end-to-end infrastructure.


Intelligent Automation Solutions

Enhance efficiency with intelligent automation

Integrated automation solutions can optimize even the most complex tasks surrounding cash management, improving reliability, security, and efficiency.


Benchmark in Banknote Design

Tell your story in beauty and security

Seamlessly fuse aesthetics with functionality and security with our modern banknote design. Our experts integrate functional elements into a harmonious design, maximizing security.


Central Bank Digital Currency

Enabling payment for everyone, everywhere

A digital version of physical cash, CBDC fosters financial inclusion. Discover how our expertise can aid the secure implementation of digital currencies.


Digital Solutions

Gain more visibility and control

Leverage data to allow for smarter decision-making, more efficient and secure cash handling, and optimized resources.


Smart Service Solutions

Receive comprehensive support

Ensure optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of your systems, maximizing both efficiency and security.


Currency Insights

Expanding Possibilities for all players in the currency cycle to create the future of currency – together.

With Currency Insights we create a constantly expanding and renewing hub for exciting insights, interesting studies, inspiring food for thought, lectures and webinars around the Currency Cycle. About unmatched and uncompromising #Security and about #Efficiency, which has become the most important currency. About how #Digitalization changes our world and our industry and about #Sustainability in the cash cycle. And last but not least, you will find the latest about the latest in currency, #CBDC, right here. Stay tuned!

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